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The brief —

Everybody already knows Babybel and its signature little red ball of cheese. For this campaign they asked us to create awareness on the naturalness of the Mini Babybel and how easy it is to grab on the go.

Their most important target audience are families but, as Babybel noticed, also adults without kids love a little cheese snack. Because it’s natural, easy, yummie and has that hint of nostalgia.

What we did —

We set up a campaign consisting of two parts. In the first wave, we focused on families and showed them the naturalness of Babybel by inviting 8 parents and their kids to the ‘Babybel Slow School’.

Here we focused on teaching the kids about the naturalness and ingredients of Mini Babybel. The Babybel Slow School took place in a natural environment outdoors. #MyBabybelAdventure

In the second wave we focused on Babybel being that healthy snack (on the go) for everyone. We asked 15 content creators to share their perfect Babybel moment. For some it’s the perfect workout snack, some have it with a glass of wine at the end of a long day or as a snack on the way to work. #MyBabybelMoment

We launched and took over the Babybel Instagram page for the duration of the campaign.

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