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with Candico Coconut Sugar & Agave Powder
The brief —

In August 2018 Candico asked us to help launch their new range of biological ‘Sugars of the World’. The inspiration for their Candico Coconut Sugar and Candico Agave Powder came from Indonesia and Mexico. It was important to keep these exotic influences in the campaign.

The goal was to inspire the audience and show them how the sugars are easy to use in the kitchen. With Candico Sugars of the World it is easy to bring an exotic twist to every kind of food. This message was also to be conveyed through new social media accounts, specifically created for Candico Sugars of the World.

What we did —

To launch the new gamme, we invited 4 content creators and served them a delicious breakfast in bed. By bringing an Indonesian and Mexican styled breakfast to their Instagram feed, their followers got a first look at the Candico Sugars of the World and got inspired.

With the content shot during this breakfast in bed, we launched an Instagram page for Candico Sugars of the World. To create inspiring content, we also teamed up with foodies from Belgium and Germany who created their own recipes with the sugars. This way we were able to fill up an Instagram account, and later also a Facebook and Pinterest page, with delicious recipes and the most beautiful product shots. All created by foodies who got to know the sugars inside and out.

Finally, we have also converted some recipes into a snappy social video. This content led to the launch of the Candico Sugars of the World YouTube channel.

with Candico Sugars of the World
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