Frequently Asked Questions

From catmoms and foodies to travelbirds and carlovers: more than 2000 active influencers are connected to our Native Nation Influencer platform. In just one glance of an eye, we’re able to define your influencer list based on their engagement rate or even authenticity! Brands like Alrpo, Doritos, Alken-Maes, Mars and many more have benefited from our services like this. Contact us to see with your own eyes what the fuss is all about!

For a long time being a content creator on Instagram fell into a grey zone, you needed to make a choice between having a personal account or a business account. Yet both didn’t quite seem to fit the bill. Until now! Instagram created the creators account. The creator profile works the best for public figures, content producers, artists, and influencers. Instagram offers a few new features to support the creator, including:

  • More Growth Tools You’ll get a better insight of which type of content helps grow your follower base. Your statistics will include daily numbers of follows and unfollows, instead of weekly as with a business account. This way you can immediately get an idea of how a post affects your follower base and up your content creating game.

  • Access to Instagram Creator Studio Instagram introduced the “Creator Studio” to help you access all of your insights in one handy dashboard. Here you can see what actions people take when they engage with your account and track the total number of your impressions over the last 7 days.

  • Streamlined messaging “A new inbox makes it easier to manage message requests and connect with fans.” – Instagram Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the people sliding in your DM’s? As an Instagram creator you’ll get more control over those messages and you can start filtering your messages into three categories: primary, general and requests. Helping you keep business and pleasure separate. You’ll also have the option to install quick answers: use hot keys for common responses or frequently asked questions.

  • Flexible profile options “You can choose to hide or display category info and contact buttons on your profile.” – Instagram You get more control over how you’re being contacted and how you portray yourself online. Firstly, you can hide contact options/CTA from your profile if you please. This way you get more control over your profile and the connections you make.

  • Post scheduling Instagram Creator Studio also includes publishing tools for Instagram feed posts and IGTV. 

  • Shoppable Posts Shopping on Instagram has been around for a while and has proven itself very convenient. Yet, for now it was only interesting for businesses with their own shops. UNTIL NOW! As an Instagram creator you can feature products in your organic posts and stories. No need to tag all the brands, reply to countless DM’s, refer to swipe-up stories, … All the info will be accessible in your post. This feature is still in beta testing but will arrive (hopefully) soon.

In order to convert your account to a Business or Creator profile, open your Instagram settings and select "Account" and click switch to professional account.

You will then be asked to indicate what type of account you'd like to setup. You will have the option to choose between Creator and Business. You can learn more about this in the official Instagram Help Center article.

Are you interested in co-creating thumb stopping social media content with us? By registering you can give us some more info about yourself, so that we can learn more about which type of collaborations, products or brands might be of interest to you.

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Native Nation is an approved Facebook API application and is YouTube certified. This means we have the trust of these partners, which we don’t take lightly. This means we do everything necessary to respect the trust of these platforms and of all of the content creators who register on our platform.

We don’t have access to private data such as passwords nor can we change them. It is thus completely safe to register on the Native Nation platform.